Our Program

We practice intensive rotational grazing and run about 50 cow/calve pairs. Cows are grazed as early as possible in the spring and continue grazing into the fall on corn stalks. Calving occurs primarily in April and May and calves are weaned in late October/early November. In a continuing effort to improve genetics, we utilize artificial insemination on 15 to 20 cows and replacement heifers each year. Replacement heifers are generally synchronized.

We sell registered bulls and other breeding stock and we also direct market some of our steers and sell feeder cattle. Sales are private treaty. Herd selection is based on disposition, calving ease and growth.

Our herd is rated as a Class A Johne’s herd and has received this ranking since we began testing in October 2000. We have also raised several cows that have been recognized as Dams of Distinction by the American Hereford Association.